Dimensions : 60cm x 70cm, 2.5cm deep

Materials : oil and acrylic on mounted wooden panel.


Moth and butterfly wings are covered in tiny colourful scales. They look like minuscule abstract artworks in their own right, with the scales creating a variety of patterns and visual effects. How these scales are placed next to each other also impacts our perception of their colour.


I combined studies of different areas of butterfly and moth wing-scales and patterns with feelings of community, connection, love and relationships. I felt it represented the way all these different elements of our lives and ourselves come together, overlap, relate and impact each other as an imperfect, interesting and vibrant whole.


'Lepidopetera' is actually the scientific name for butterflies and moths. It literally means 'scaled wing' in Ancient Greek. 'Affinitas' is Latin, meaning relationship or community. Many scientific names use Ancient Greek or Latin and binomial nomenclature (two part scientific name) so I named these artworks in a similar manner.