This butterfly is one of Australia's more common butterflies, found throughout most Australia (excluding the far north and central WA) and occasionally New Zealand, when carried further by westerly winds. Being so common it is often taken for granted, but have you ever really taken a closer look!? And should we ever really take our pollinators for granted?

I am currently working my way though a list of Australia's most endangered butterflies. So I will update this page again soon when I have completed and photographed those artworks. 

By painting these butterflies hundreds of times their actual size I feel it gives them the significance, presence and impact to reveal the magical, beautiful and bizarre creatures that they are. It gives me enough space to show and emphasize the details of their wings, bodies and antennae as I observe them, without the unique areas of pattern being lost. Standing up close to the painting, due to their massive size, you are forced to take in the areas of pattern, detail, colour and texture in sections – without being able to see the creature as a whole due to the scale of the painting. Moving backwards from the piece the details blur together to make the readily recognizable depiction of the particular species of moth.