Huggest Resist, Chelsea Hopkins-Allan -


I made a free poster! I have been researching environmental and climate change communication and realized that the SARS Covid-19 Pandemic and climate change actually have a lot in common! If something is too scary, hard to view directly or people feel helpless, they are less likely to take action and constructively change their behaviors (note 'constructively', toilet paper hoarding does not count). I thought I would make some posters to make it a bit more visually present in daily life and reframe the message to something somewhat more empowering than I felt was being shared by the media; at least initially, I feel it has since improved a fair bit since then in encouraging what we CAN do to help! So far poster(s) is just the one!

I have made this poster available in multiple sizes, link below. Please feel free to print or share!!! Stick it up anywhere you feel is helpful! Or make your own posters / get your kids onto it!

Usual copyright applies, please credit me if you share it and no selling etc :)


Please note it is totally free and you will not be subscribed to anything, just use 'freeposter' at 'checkout so you can download it and a copy will also be emailed to you.