For a long time these two moths were mistakenly identified as two different species, when in fact they are not! The female is in white and black with golden accent scales and long segmented antennae, whilst the male has beautiful brown, black and golden scaled patterns and feathery antennae. Unique but equally striking.

They are found in the southern half of Australia. The catterpillars feed on various species of gum trees (eucalyptus trees). And they have a wing span of approximately 5cm. I have painted them both here with their wings closed at rest, which actually hides their incredible rich yellow-orange and black striped furry abdomen!!


Hover the mouse cursor over the artwork for a closer look. 


Please note that this piece is currently on display in Katanning. It will not be able to be shipped until late July when the exhibition ends and the artworks are returned to me.

Boisduvals Autumn Moth, Oenosandra boisduvalii - MALE

  • 1.7m x 2.2m

    Oil and acrylic on heavy weight linen

    This piece is unframed and unstretched for ease of shipping. It can be taken to a framer to be stretched and framed with a frame of your choice. 

  • Domestic shipping included

    If you live anywhere outside of Australia and are interested in owning this piece, please get in  touch so I can get a quote for shipping, as this will vary depending on location! Thank you!