IMAGE #2 and #3 shown here is of the smallest sized print (approx. A2)

IMAGE #4 is me holding up the largest size option of the print.

IMAGE #7 is the large size of the limited edition print, framed and signed in landscape, please note that these prints are signed along the bottom to be hung portrait, so please email me if you wish for your Butterfly Wing-Scales Limited Edition print to be signed to be hung landscape instead. Please note that the prints sold in this shop are unframed, but I am happy to give suggestions and recommendations for framing!

BUTTERFLY WING-SCALES No.46 / Limited Edition Print

  • These paintings are giant illustrations of the wing surface of a butterfly (or moth) wing, as seen under the microscope. The wings of these insects are carpeted in millions of tiny vibrant scales in an incredible variety of colours. Have you ever touched a butterfly or moth and noticed a fine dust on your fingertips? This is these tiny wing-scales sticking to your skin!


    /// Limited Edition fine art giclee print on a beautiful thick 310gsm Hahnemuhle German Etching paper with a subtle texture ///


    Made to order, please allow 2 - 5 weeks.