This purchase is to fundraise for Australias wildlife organisations caring for animals impacted by the recent bushfires! 


1. Choose any print from my 'Butterfly Wing-Scales' Limited Edition Print Collection or my 'Crochet Web Mandala' Limited Edition Print Collection that you would like. Purchase this $1 listing to reserve this donated artwork as yours and tell me in the comments at checkout which piece and size you want! (DO NOT purchase from the main shop listings in this instance, use this listing if you wish to participate in this fundraiser). 


2. Donate the cost of the print to The Black Cockatoo Project! They are working to save the endangered glossy black cockatoos on Kangaroo Island - half of their habitat was wiped out in the fires. This is the last remaining population of these cockatoos! Just 400 were living there prior to the fires. They are already extinct on the mainland. This is a smaller fundraiser and the birds need immediate help if they are to have hope to breed and survive in the upcoming nesting period. They give great detail of all the tasks they will undertake with the donations to look after the remaining birds and help them pull through. I know the koalas are breaking our hearts with their suffering, I wanted to help a smaller fundraiser where this artwork and donation could really make a difference. Plus a lot of this work will benefit all the wildlife and the ecosystem, not just the cockatoos. (And strong healthy ecosystems generally benefit humans plus I imagine ecotourism for Kangaroo Island locals longer term as they recover). 


3. Provide me with the proof of your donation and I will order, prepare and ship the artwork to you!!! Thank you so much for the team work!!! 


  • Please note that the artwork is unframed, any images showing framed artworks is for example purposes only.
  • All of my Limited Edition prints are made to order and I live in a fairly remote town so turn around times are 2-5 weeks, depending on how long it takes to get to me (I work quickly once I receive your artwork to get it to you!). 


If this listing is marked as 'Out Of Stock' it means I have reached the limit of the donated artwork (at least for the time being). 

Fundraising for Australias Wildlife -Limited Edition Fine Art Print