These pieces are based on the patterns created by the scales on moth or butterfly wings (order Lepidoptera).

Iris refers to the Ancient Greek goddess or personification of the rainbow. She is a messenger goddess who wore a many hued dress with sandals and golden wings. The word iridescent comes from Iris and it's original meaning. This goddess would move from the earth to the sky or from the sky to the earth, her movement would be seen as the rainbow. These paintings can be hung either way.


Hover the mouse cursor over the artwork for a closer look. 

Lepidoptera Iris No.03

  • Acrylic on mounted wooden board, white edges. 

    60cm x 70cm 

    This piece is ready to hang! Or you can take it to the framers to get a floating frame around the edges of your choice!

  • If you are interested in owning this piece, please get in touch so I can get a quote for shipping, as this will vary depending on location! Thank you!