These circular watercolour paintings are based on crochet textiles, a spiders web, the spiral inside a shell, the mandala (sacred circular symbols found in many cultures) and so many beautiful organic-type spiral shapes that can be found in nature.

Colour healing and the value of focus and/or meditation in life and inspiration also play an important role in the concept of these works.

This painting is cut out, designed to be raised up and floated in a frame under glass, like a specimen on a microscope slide.


IMAGE #1: professional scan, this has been colour matched but may nevertheless vary slightly due to computer screens showing colours differently.


IMAGE #2 and #3: completed work on the painting but prior to being cut out (cut out around the edges of the coloured area very carefully, about 1mm from outer coloured edge following the shape of the painted edge).

Original Crochet Web Mandala No.157 / 880mm

  • 880mm diameter (34.6 inches)

    This is the diameter measurement of the circular painted area. 


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