These are the first six Butterfly-Wing paintings I ever did. And a short little story of the day that I started painting them.

I had to get another MRI. I really didn't like the last one and I was really over tests and needles in general. My boyfriend took me for lunch at a Japanese noodle bar before hand and a quick look at the art shop Jacksons for 15 minutes - the beautiful colours of all the art supplies, the smell of paper and poking around is always fun. I left with a box of 24 oil pastels. I had never used oil pastels before and felt sort of guilty buying them as I was not sure if I would even know what to do with them, but I really liked the colours and they were not expensive. I sat and admired their colours while we waited at the Medical Centre. When they called my name, I handed them over to my boyfriend, along with my handbag and jewelry.

The whole time while I had to lie really still in the big MRI machine, with all the thumping noises of the magnets and more needles, I thought about the colours of the oil pastel sticks. I thought of all the little visual delights that I enjoyed. I was not going to let any of this discomfort or fear of what might happen get to me. That would be a waste of energy and potentially enjoyable time. So I filled my mind with beautiful images and colours, fascinating textures and incredible aspects of nature I had observed. One such thought was remembering my awe and wonder the first time I saw the tiny scales on a butterfly wing through a microscope. When you choose to think enjoyable thoughts its amazing how happy you can be in spite of your circumstances. Besides feeling pretty seedy I was having a beautiful day, feeling very loved and looking forward to trying my new pastels.