'Art For Epilepsy' Fundraising Auction 2017


Over 160 artists from across Australia have donated artworks to raise funds and awareness for epilepsy (myself included)!!!

To read an article from The West Australian newspaper about the auction, click here!

To read an an article/interview with me about the auction in the Albany Advertiser, click here!

According to WHO epilepsy is the most common serious brain disorder in the world. There is also a lot more to the disorder than the more familiar seizure with convulsions that most of us are aware of. Epilepsy can also have so many additional impacts on a persons life, including on their independence, sense of safety and confidence. If we all understood the condition a bit better and how it can affect people that would have a positive impact on a large number of lives! My own personal health challenges has given me a lot of appreciation for how some understanding, recognition and support can go a long way. Never underestimate how a little understanding and compassion can impact a person at a difficult time in their life!!! Greater community awareness can help people to be and feel safer and more accepted. I so happy to be asked to donate a painting to this fundraiser auction to hopefully contribute in at least a small way to improving support and awareness for Australians with epilepsy!

Its also really interesting to read about and I was surprised how ignorant I was about all the types of seizures (there are about 40 different kinds!!!!) To learn more visit about epilepsy you can visit www.epilepsy.org.au.

Thanks to Epilepsy Action Australia for your work!

Here is my original 'Crochet Web Mandala No.135' painting. Progress shots and the final framed piece!