I paint insights into the strange and beautiful details from nature that might otherwise be overlooked in a busy distracted world. I enlarge what is tiny and simplify or exaggerate patterns, details, colours and textures to guide you to more readily experience what I observe. I hope to capture the fleeting essence of wonder and joy in discovery imparted by nature; to offer a reminder that the world is a magical place!


I also love the excuse to explore and share those things I find interesting visually and environmentally. Making art about something little appreciated or noticed can help share it in a new way, to a new audience or offer a different perspective.


Before becoming an artist, I was an environmental scientist. I began painting moths and butterflies as personal symbols, to hold onto joy and inspiration during a challenging time in my life when I couldn't get outdoors into the bush to hike and explore like I used to. Fortunately the moths and butterflies came to me! Since then I have participated in a number of solo and group shows and my work has been sold around the world.


I live in Albany, Western Australia; painting in the backyard shed with my two dogs and a tiny Turquoise Parrot called Opal.